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LaserView of CNY Introduces the First All-Laser LASIK Solution in Central New York

posted by Admin User at 2007-06-11 14:22:00

The desire to offer patients a safer “ALL-Laser LASIK” option has stimulated demand for femtosecond lasers, as they offer the potential of cutting the corneal flap using a laser instead of a blade. Cutting and lifting back the thin corneal flap is the first step in the LASIK procedure. LaserView of CNY is making the FDA-approved, femtosecond laser available in Central New York. Ziemer's Femto LDV is the first of its kind, in that it works in conjunction with the optics of our Bausch & Lomb 100Hz Laser.

The Femto LDV generates tiny, rapid pulses of laser that creates a minuscule layer of bubbles that help the surgeon separate the flap edge for easy lifting. The bubbles disintegrate instantly once the flap is lifted. Once the procedure and treatment is complete the corneal flap latches back into position (see the animation below).

Our experienced surgeons will inform you during your consultation whether using this latest technology would be to your benefit. LaserView of CNY is proud to deliver safe and state of the art technology to our patients.