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Customized treatments

posted by Admin User at 2017-04-04 14:46:00

LaserView of CNY is proud to offer patients the option of customized treatments.  These treatments are based on aberrations of your cornea.  There are two types of aberrations in the eyes.  'Lower order' aberrations which account for the refractive error in the eye that can be corrected with glasses or contacts, basically these mean you are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism.  'Higher order' aberrations are also refractive errors but these are the ones that can't be fixed with your glasses or contacts.  These can manifest as glare, halo, and different types of distortion in the vision.  They are small irregularities in the cornea that are usually the complaints that patients have which never quite go away with a new prescription.

The Contoura Vision system creates a very precise map of the cornea, capturing up to 22,000 different elevation points on each eye.  This information creates a pattern for the laser treatment that is unique to each eye, almost like a fingerprint.  This pattern will treat both lower and higher order aberrations, ultimately giving each patient the best chance for the best vision possible.

Not every patient is a candidate for this procedure,  there are limitations to the technology.   Not every patient will see a huge benefit from this treatment, patients with a low amount of 'higher order' aberrations are less likely to have an improved outcome with this technology over the standard treatments.

Your surgeon has your best interest in mind, so if you would like to learn more and find out if this is something that would benefit you, please feel free to discuss it at your consultation.