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LaserView of CNY upgrades again, offering the latest in laser technology

posted by Admin User at 2012-02-15 14:26:00

We have upgraded the software in our laser to the Advanced Planoscan platform.  What does this mean for patients?  The new software removes less tissue making more patients candidates than in the past.  The importance of untouched tissue after surgery has always been a priority with the surgeons at LaserView of CNY.  This has been a reason that some patients aren't good candidates for surgery.  With the new software more tissue is left untouched helping the cornea to remain stable over the long-term, and allowing some patients.

The shape of the treatment beam has also been changed slightly to create an even smoother ablation than in the past, resulting in sharper vision than ever.  Our state of the art equipment provides LaserView patients with the latest and safest eye vision correction technology. Doctors you know and trust providing the best technology for your eyes.